hero-ofpizza said: hey when are you guys going to be playing in California next?

tell them come to us

shailinn-deactivated20140722 said: So me and my bf were suppose to go see you and joyce manor and snotrocket last August and we bought tickets online but then we got drunk and couldn't locate the venue and we are so so sad about that. Please come back to Boston ?

same venue. July. try to find it this time.

a news 4 u

so hi we are touring with owls and hop along July 11th to July 15th. thanks see ya.


sorry that we don’t update this very often. let me keep it short, anyway. 

our next show is jan. 15th at world cafe w/ LVL UP + Saintseneca. it will be fun.

please visit our webstore and grab some stuff before it’s gone. some shirts are left, and a couple 10”s. a decent amount of 12”s and 7”s. oh, and now included is our split with summer vacation. buy some stuff so we can fix our van.

miss you all. see you all. be you all.

just-a-constant-headache said: Come to Vermont!! Please...?

never been there except once to see my grandfather but i think he’s dead now. it was cold. 

yessirwhut-evur-deactivated2013 said: hey dudes are you playing in california anytime soon?

def hopefully next year

itsfuckingglorious said: You dudes have been killin' it since you left Florida, makes me fucking proud. Keep putting out good stuff

thanks friend!

sadcvm said: you guys should def play out in Phoenix cos I'll probably be the only one there shouting your lyrics.

hopefully it will be better than last time we were there